Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Today I remembered nearly 30 years of gardening on this land by spreading two cans of composted kitchen garbage on the part of the garden where tomatoes and edamame soybeans will grow this year. I moved the heavy garbage cans with a hand cart meant to move barrels, then shoveled out the compost, partly liquified, and spread it around and tilled in in, twice over. Impossible to avoid getting the stuff on shoes, splattered a little on pant cuffs, to the point where the old shoes and pants have to stay outdoors tonight. The stand of peas is spotty but luckily I planted enough in case that happened. Spent a couple of hours weeding, in the spinach, greens, onions, and peas. The garden is predictably slow at this time of the year, temps in the low 40s at night, 50s and low 60s during the day. Is there anything more pleasant than the smell of apple blossoms? The trees are in full bloom now. The Dutchess is not as full as I'd hoped, but many of the others are much better than average. Last year was an excellent blossom and apple year in this area, but as it was an off-year for many of the better-producing trees on this land, the overall yield wasn't as good here as elsewhere. This year it should be better, if all else goes well. It's unusual to have two good years in a row. I saw some goldfinches today; they are in their brightest gold and black plumage.

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