Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rain go away

After the three-week dry spell, the last couple of weeks have brought mostly rain, and kept me out of the garden for the most part except to harvest greens, beets, and broccoli for meals. Today I ate the first ripe tomato, a Sungold, a cherry tomato which is a perennial favorite for flavor. A rabbit has been into the garden as a result of the dry spell stress, feeding on some bean leaves and beans, rather daintily. I could find no spaces in the fence where the rabbit could get through, but no doubt the rabbit is better at that than I. To discourage the rabbit I've moved some scarecrows around, and covered a couple of rows of the soybeans with agribon. After the week of rain it seems the rabbit has gone elsewhere for food. On the few partly sunny days I rototilled where the peas had been, and after the waste decomposes in the soil I will plant oats (could not get any buckwheat, and what I do have is too old) there and also between the dry bean rows. After that I will change over the rototiller for the sickle bar and get started mowing the fields. The apples are beginning to change color, making it possible to see them in the trees; it is an above-average year still for apples. The cider from last year is still oaking in the barrel.

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