Thursday, September 4, 2008

Garden Report: Early September

The rabbit has fairly gotten to all the bean leaves in the garden by the old store, but a few of the edamame beans are coming on anyway, so I've left them. The patch with the Hutterite beans was not coming on, so I tilled them into the ground and planted a cover crop of oats and clover a few days ago. I pulled the onions and they are curing in the sun on the porch; I tilled that area and planted winter lettuce, spinach, and other greens. I will try to winter over some through December if possible. The yellow onions were large and the yield excellent; red less so. I'd planted them (from sets) a little farther apart this year and that may have helped them size up. The slicing tomatoes are ripening well, but a late blight has overcome the paste tomatoes. And so there will not be much in the way of tomato puree this year unless I use the slicers for that, which I think I will do. The leaves of the brussels sprouts were also mostly eaten by the rabbit, which had the effect of bringing on the sprouts themselves too soon; I'm watching them though to see. Cabbages have been ready; this was an early red variety. In the garden down to the Scotts' the beans did well and those to the back of the garden are drying with their leaves mostly off; I should be harvesting these and hanging them up in the barn soon.

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