Friday, October 10, 2008

Apple Report 2

The apple crop promised a better than average year in the spring, and despite the three-week drought in the summer, they have sized up and the crop is much better than average. The old trees that bear well are, and the younger trees that I've planted over the past 25 years are bearing more than usual. The earliest ones have gone by. The full sized Baldwin that I planted about fifteen years ago finally is having a productive year although it is not yet ripe. The Prima has been ripe for three weeks and are getting soft. The Liberty is ripe and tasty, bearing fairly well. The Dutchess or Shiawassee is ripe and bearing well. The old Milding has more eating apples than usual. It's an excellent year for russets; the Golden Russet has more than ever, and some of the older russets are bearing well. The one down the road to the Scotts may be a Roxbury Russet. The Rhode Island Greening behind the house, on its biennial cycle, is loaded. Within the next week or so we'll pick many and press for cider. In all, the best year for yield since 1997 here.

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