Saturday, November 29, 2008


Tuesday night came a strong windstorm, blowing forty miles per hour steadily, with many gusts in the fifties. Certain areas of the islands and coastal mainland had higher gusts--71 registered in a town nearby--with trees down, power out. For unknown reasons the power didn't go out here, but most of the island was out for most of Wednesday, and the crews didn't finish with the trees and lines until late on Thanksgiving.

The rocky coast, with its thin soil, doesn't root the trees as deeply as elsewhere, so they're vulnerable to high winds. "Some [seeds] fell on stony ground." The coastal edge effects sometimes magnify winds and storms. This was unusual, from the southwest, and fairly tropical, with temperatures in the forties all night. Although a few years ago, in the summer, a tropical storm was particularly bad on this part of the island, with isolated tornados, this time the other parts of the island got the worst of it, and here only a few downed limbs, and some downed trees in the woods.

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