Friday, April 29, 2011

Sightings and soundings

I took a walk at about 6 this evening, having returned after being away for about ten days. The green skunk cabbage leaves have thrust themselves up about a foot tall now; I'll need to take my camera there tomorrow and get a few photos. It's a lovely, soft time of day to walk and look for birds. On the road down toward my neighbors the McWilliams' I heard a couple of warblers--the yellow warbler and the yellow-rumped warbler, but didn't see them. Then near the orchard, I came on a pileated woodpecker, who flew about and sang. I got a good look at him. Marta and I had seen and heard one just like this about a month ago, but way down past the skunk cabbages. I wonder what their range is and if this was the same one. Meanwhile the usual bird suspects have been about. Ten days ago I was hearing robins singing cheerfully, even at night; the chickadees and white throated sparrows have been singing their spring songs, and I heard a phoebe about. I've seen the song sparrows but haven't heard them. And the hermit thrushes are back; I can hear them at dusk and dawn now. Among the others are the crows and doves. This is the best time to see the warblers, as the trees haven't leafed out yet. I hope to get out and walk about every day for the next week or so, though my principal work about the place is clearing out a part of the woods where a storage building is going, and working some lime and organic fertilizers into the garden soil.

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