Saturday, April 14, 2012

The warmth of an early spring

   As it was two years ago, so it is another early and warm spring, though this time with far less moisture in the ground. Today it was sunny and the temperature in the mid-fifties, though with a stiff sea breeze that tossed the clothes on the line as they dried. It will be a bit warmer tomorrow, as the wind will shift and blow from the southwest. As a result, two of the gardens were tilled today, and peas planted--snap peas and edible pod peas. I grow Sugar Sprint and Progress #9, both dwarf varieties, which will be less attractive to deer on account of their height. 

   The tractor engine was not drawing gas through the line when I tried to start it, so I removed the hose and cleaned it with some good puffs of air and wiped down the inside of the carburetor and fittings; and after putting it back together it started on a single pull and ran better than it had at the end of last year. It's a little early to be tilling much, but the ground is as dry now as in a normal late May. 

   The earliest apple trees were at the red and green bud stages last week (photo at left of the Prima tree), and today the buds are just pushing out (photo below). On the same tree, some buds are far more advanced than others. After heavy blossoming last year, I expect relatively few blossoms. Most apple trees are biennial; also, last winter lacked the long deep freeze blossoms like.

   The birds seem a little earlier this year, though no warblers yet; still, the usual birds are here (black capped chickadees, robins, nuthatches, bluejays, crows, goldfinches, purple finches, ravens, ospreys, and gulls). A phoebe has been flying around from perch to perch; usually one arrives a little later, checks things out, but the nesting pair go elsewhere. A song sparrow has been singing every early morning, a varied song with buzzes, whistles, rattles, and trills. Usually I see and hear these closer to the ocean, so this is a very pleasant diversion around the house. I will try to get a good look at this bird, and will take a photograph of it soon--if I am fortunate.


  1. Things are about the same in Brooklin. Four osprey wheeling & crying overhead this morning, song sparrows calling in the fields, our nesting phoebes are back just about on schedule, a pair of robins have been nest-building in one of the yews for a couple of weeks now. Yes, ground is very dry.

  2. Hi George and Pat and thanks for the comment, which I saw only just now. George, are you still keeping temperature records daily and if so, how does this spring compare with past years?