Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain, fog, rain

It's been raining and drizzling and raining with fog and mist for the past two weeks and the ground is wet through and through. Nothing has come up yet in the gardens where I planted except for weeds and witch grass. No more planting is possible till the soil dries, which won't be for at least a few more days I imagine. although I may try to get some transplants (cabbages, lettuce) in this weekend. The birds do seem to like this wet weather, though. More greens do need to get in as soon as possible. Planting time for tomatoes and beans is usually around June 1st. This year is about 10-14 days behind last year, which means it's more or less a normal year, though this much rain at this time is unusual. The early apple blossoms are at the full pink stage waiting for the first sunny day.

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