Monday, March 31, 2014

Coldest March on Record

    Tonight the radio brought the news that this was the coldest March on record. The weather station at Caribou recorded an average temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire month. And as if to put on an exclamation point, the wintry mix of rain, sleet, ice and snow that's fallen all day has turned to snow in the night. The roads, also, are feeling the harshness. I've never seen the frost heaves so high. Cars must go twenty miles per hour or slower in the bad spots. And if you don't pay attention, or don't know where the bad spots are, you risk bottoming out and a bill for new shocks and struts. I've read diary entries from 100 years ago complaining about the roads at this time of year. Imagine bouncing along in a wagon. Not for nothing were they named jolt-wagons. But April will bring some warming along with its usual showers. With any luck I may be able to get my peas in.

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